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One of the most common tire repair issues is having a flat tire. It brings down the morale and your day’s schedule is gone for a toss. But before you pick up the phone to call in assistance it would be good to ascertain whether your tire is worth the repair cost or would it be better to go for tire service centres in Dubai.

It is important to note that not all tire flats or damaged tire can be fixed. Sometimes, the damage is beyond repair. Even if you fix such a tire, then you are seriously compromising your safety. In such a situation, it is best to go for replacement rather than repair.

On the contrary, there are instances where the flat can be fixed by tyre repair services anywhere in Dubai.

tire service centres in Dubai

When to go in for tire repair services and when to go for tire replacement services

  • If your tire is punctured in the tread area and if the puncture hole is not more than half a centimeter in diameter, then your tire can be fixed by calling in puncture assistance. If you are in the city of Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Al Ain, it is best you call our puncture and tire services helpline 8009334733. We are one of the leading tire service centers in Dubai with a mobile tire garage exactly suited to help you with a punctured tire.
  • But if your tire is punctured in the sidewall, or in the shoulder area, then to maintain safety and integrity of the tire, we suggest you go for replacement rather than fixing it.

Our mobile tire services in Dubai will help you in getting your new set of tyres delivered to your location and as per your time.

The mobile garage is a mini tire service center. It includes the latest equipment for mounting and dismounting tires, digital wheel alignment, and air/nitrogen filling station.

You may wonder why you need to have your wheels aligned after you fit new tyres?

Wheel alignment and tyre balancing are very crucial tire repair services, that need to be done along with the fitment of new tires and should be continued to be done on a routine schedule.

Why is wheel balancing an important tire services?

Driving with misaligned tires have some adverse consequences on the tyre’s performance.

tire service centres in Dubai
  • Under-inflated tires adding to misaligned tires will easily puncture and are highly damaging to the tyres.
  • Tyres will have uneven tread wear which will affect the gripping and braking performance.
  • Misalignment of tires can also put a lot of stress on the suspension system, getting the tyres aligned properly will bring these issues to light so you get them fixed soon.
  • Excessive tread wear will happen with misaligned tires which will result in quicker tyre replacements which will dent your pockets.
  • Cornering and handling performance of the tires is significantly reduced due to misaligned tires and this will impact the safety of the passengers in the car.

Why is Tire balancing a crucial tire repair service?

The new set of tyres need to be balanced properly for a smooth driving experience.

  • If the tires are not balanced properly, then the steering wheel will rock back and forth. This hampers the driving performance to a large extent.
  •  Imbalanced tires lead to a lot of vibrations. These vibrations will loosen many mechanical systems like the lower ball joints, axles in the car and could lead to system malfunction. This undue stress will lead to faster wearing out of components.
  • With balanced tyres, the wear will start from the middle, but with imbalanced tires, the wear will begin from the edges. This is not desirable.

Wheel alignment and tyre balancing are very critical to good tire care. They enhance the performance of the tire with better traction and reduced vibrations. This enables smoother drive and reduces fuel consumption. Fix an appointment with us to get your car tyres’ repair services done by experts, at an affordable cost.

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