Everything you need to know about Wheel Alignment

Is your vehicle starting to drift to one side? If yes, then chances are your tyres are misaligned. Driving over potholes and curbs are one of the main reasons for tyre misalignment. Whether you want to ensure your safety while driving or the protection and safety of the vehicle; getting a wheel alignment is one of the effective ways of keeping yourself as well as your car safe and secure on the road. Tires are pretty vulnerable and weak when it comes to driving on a rough road. Realizing the need of time, zDegree offers online car tyres services and car inspection services in UAE.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

On one hand, a wheel alignment service strengthens the control of the driver on all the functions of the car while also making the process of driving comfortable and hassle-free for individuals.

Moreover, wheel alignment not only have a positive impact on the overall performance and functions of the car but it also plays an eminent role in increasing the life of the tires that will certainly save your money in the long-run and make your driving experience safe or you.

What zDegree has to offer?

At zDegree, we sell all the major brands of car tyres in UAE. We provide professional wheel alignment and balancing services for car tyres at cost-effective prices. The process is that we first do a vehicle inspection and then using state of the art tools, correctly and professionally align your tires in Dubai. While other brands also do wheel alignment in 10 minutes, in the end the only thing they are adjusting in camber. While we adjust camber, castor and toe. We also make sure your steering wheel is centered and your tires are in the correct position at our Tyre Shop. With our balancing services, we help you experience better control over your car and superior comfort while driving. Every vehicle that visits one of our workshops for a wheel alignment gets a detailed computerized report with a before and after, so you can be rest assured that you are safe while driving on the road by availing best Car Services in UAE at zDegree.

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Importance of Wheel Alignment

It is important to balance your car’s wheel to avoid uncomfortable and adverse effects on your car’s performance. It is also important to make the forecasts imperative and make your car tyre safe in all conditions. Check your wheels after frequent intervals, especially if you have had a road accident. Also, make sure to balance your wheels after every 15,000 km.

You can visit zDegree main branch at Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 and other branches are located at Dubai Investment Park 2, , Sanaiyah Al Ain, Musaffah Abu Dhabi, and Yas Leisure Dr Abu Dhabi. All our workshops are fitted with state-of-the-art tools to ensure that your wheel alignment is done right.

All our workshops are well equipped for wheel service equipment with tyre changing machine, wheel aligners, and car wheel balancer.

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