Do Tyres Really Improve Fuel Economy- A myth or a fact?

Tyres may seem to be an ordinary part of a car, but they play one of the most vital roles in enabling cars to move back and forth and not only this they make a journey either easy or difficult for the ones travelling. But is having easy transportation all what an individual looks forward to? Well, we at zDegree do not think so!

We believe every other work in the walk of our lives need to be sustainable; and sustainability does not stop at any one place but can be continued even in the choices of tyres we buy for our cars. Thus, here is where comes Fuel-Efficient tyres come handy.

What are Fuel-Efficient Car Tyres?

Also known as energy saving and eco-friendly car tyres, fuel efficient tyres are designed to use less fuel. As a result, less emissions are produced. The most efficient eco-friendly tyres have the lowest rolling resistance, which means they use less fuel and waste less energy. Because fuel-efficient tyres sold at many tyre shops in Dubai use less energy to move in the direction of travel than regular tyres, they feature low rolling resistance.

Why is it important to buy fuel-efficient tyres?

Fuel efficient tyres will need less energy even at the same speed on which other tyres roll. They also contribute towards producing less heat as compared to the conventional tyres, due to which their life span automatically increases making them more durable.

There exist many reasons which impact fuel efficiency of cars out of which the biggest one is the driving habits of an individual. Accelerating fast or braking hard, lots of frequent stops are amongst the many other reasons which use a lot more fuel as compared to driving habits where both acceleration and braking are smooth and gentle. Thus, good driving habits also contribute towards fuel saving.

How to Improve Fuel Economy?

Ensure proper inflation pressure in maintained in tyres.
Prefer low resistance tyres.

Mobile Garage Service
Mobile Garage Service

Maintain the vehicle speed; as the faster the vehicle moves, the more the tyres do, thus affecting the resistance and fuel economy.

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