Roadstone tires – The best alternative for cost-effective yet high-performance tires in UAE.

Tires usually have a lifespan of about 50,000 km to 70,000 km, when driven under moderate climatic conditions by an even-tempered driver. 

But in the UAE, this lifespan is reduced by half due to the extreme temperatures rampant in the region, which create dusty and hot weather conditions. Moreover, there is a lot of off-road driving, desert driving – not the usual terrain for good tire maintenance. Adding to the woes are bad tire maintenance regular tire care is not done through tire rotation and wheel alignment. And driving patterns – frequent braking increases tread wear. The tires are further damaged by the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun, while they are frequently parked outside. Thus the tires in UAE undergo much more wear and tear than in other regions.

Tire wearing out means they need to be replaced. Generally accepted rule in the UAE is to replace tires every 3 years. And a top branded tires in UAE go up from 250 AED to several thousand AED’s. And not all would want to choose those. 

But choosing a less cost set of tires does not mean low on quality and performance. Roadstone tires are one such brand of cost-effective tires delivering great dry and wet gripping, with low rolling noise in the summer tire variants.

Roadstone tires are amongst the top tire brands available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi available at a cost starting at AED 150 and upwards. Roadstone is a South Korean brand of tires manufactured by NEXEN TIRE. They provide the economy class tires for passenger, SUV, and light commercial vehicles and even winter range as well.

Roadstone tires are manufactured in a facility spread over 500,000 sq meter scale area with the latest cutting edge technologies and highly automated facilities. Their R&D centers are spread over various continents in USA, China, Korea & Germany where constant research is being done to bring in better performing tires to the consumers.

Signature tires in each segment with some of their key performance parameters.

  • Eurovis Sport 04 in the  passenger car segment.

This is Roadstone’s premier offering in this segment. It offers excellent dry performance, with its four wide longitudinal grooves water exits quickly increasing traction and it’s claw-type grooves help with improved wet performance. Thick shoulders help in handling and the stiff ribs increase stability. In all a great tire for your everyday commuting needs guaranteeing safety and comfort.

  • N Fera RU5 in the SUV segment.

A comfort yet luxurious offering for your SUV is Roadstone’s N Fera RU5. It combines comfort with sturdiness and stability to give the smooth yet powerful drive even when the roads are not so perfect. The stability of N Fera RU5 comes from the solid central block and its two ribs that provides excellent stability at high speeds. Micro-grooves provide excellent traction. 

  • Eurovis Alpine WH1 in the winter tire segment

Roadstone’s reach around the world has had them develop the winter tire range as well. 5 different pitch variations give reduced pattern noise with 5 different block variations reduces the noise level. The Fluid lines & block style edge improves noise & wear performance. The 3 straight grooves improve drainage performance with 3 straight corrugated to give excellent water discharge performance

Roadstone tires are a great choice for replacements for the hot and dusty conditions in UAE. To buy them online at great deals visit and have it delivered to wherever you are at the time you choose. ZDegree’s technicians will drive in with your tires in their mobile garage equipped with automated tire mounting and dismounting with a digital wheel alignment.

Roadstone tires you can glow the road with real performance.

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