Valvoline: Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Motor Oil serves the engine’s lifeline, helping to keep its cool and keep it moving smoothly. UAE’s epic heat waves would leave any car’s engine depleted of its motor oil. Luckily, there are heavy-duty engine oils like the Valvoline range of motor oil that make the engines revving up high RPMs without going bust.  

Apart from choosing the right motor oil, it is also the regular car oil change in Dubai, that maintains the car in its prime working conditions.  

The optimum oil change service interval in the UAE is every 5000 km or 7000 km or even 10000 km. With a high performing advanced full synthetic motor oil range of Valvoline, you could easily skip the 5000 km interval and only go in for your oil change services anywhere in UAE only when the 10000 km hits. 

Why should you opt for a regular car oil change in Dubai? 

Oil, the viscous fluid, acts as a layer of lubricant between the various moving parts of the engine. It ensures minimum metal to metal contact, reduces friction due to this contact by forming a thin layer between rubbing surfaces, and  prevents the engine from heating up. 

The motor oil tends to get contaminated with all the fine metal particles that do get eroded. Add in the heat factor, the motor oil tends to form chunks and becomes ineffective to lubricate and to cool the engine. Thus, regular oil change services need to do. It is the primary reason for visiting a Car Auto Repair shop like ours.  

If ignored, the motor oil will get completely ineffective, and the engine will cease to work, costing you 10X the price of a simple oil change.  

Valvoline Advanced synthetic motor oil could help you to prolong the duration between car oil change in Dubai. 

Valvoline motor oil product range – Which one suits you the best? 

You must be curious to know why the difference in car oil changes intervals between synthetic motor oils and regular motor oil.  

Valvoline has a 150-year legacy to innovate and bring only the highest quality motor oils, lubricants that achieve maximum performance and prolonged life for your vehicles.  

In their passenger car offerings, they have motor oil, antifreeze, transmission products, Pro-V Racing products, Heavy Duty, and Grease & Gear oil. 

Valvoline motor oil comes in a wide range. 

  1. Valvoline™ Daily Protection Motor Oil – Is a conventional synthetic blend. 
  2. Valvoline™ High Mileage Maxlife™ Technology Motor Oil – is high mileage, synthetic blend.& Synthetic Blend – Valvoline™ Daily Protection Motor Oil &  
  3. Valvoline™ Full Synthetic High Mileage Maxlife™ Technology Motor Oil – is full synthetic motor oil. 

Valvoline™ Daily Protection Motor Oil  

It is specially formulated to offer extra wear protection, deposit, and sludge formation thoroughly designed to help keep automotive engine parts running like new. High-quality additive and premium base oil are used to develop this motor oil and designed to reduce wear, with high-quality additives that protect against motor oil breakdown in tough conditions. Valvoline daily protection is developed with low-friction technology to support a strong fuel economy. 

Valvoline™ High Mileage Maxlife™ Technology Motor Oil 

The older your car gets, it’s essential that the motor oil you use factors the age of the engine and its unique needs. At the 120,000 km mark, the motor oil needs to be formulated to fight against engine wear. Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is specially formulated to attack the causes of high mileage engine breakdown: wear, deposits, sludge, and leaks.

A proprietary formula – Valvoline MaxLife Technology will maximize the life of engines over 120,000 km. It is a premium, synthetic-blend formulation engineered with enhanced anti-wear additives that will deliver a thick and durable anti-wear film to prevent engine breakdown. Added detergents help protect against sludge and deposits. The premium seal conditioners rejuvenate aging engine seals and prevent leaks. Plus, superior antioxidants resist motor oil breakdown in extreme conditions.  


Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil provides enhanced engine protection against heat, deposits and wear to deliver the ultimate protection for hardworking cars, trucks, and SUVs in the harshest conditions.  

Designed with advanced additives technology, it’s specially formulated to fight severe engine stress from stop & go driving, extreme temperatures, and hauling & towing.  

Innovative anti-wear additives provide 50% more wear protection than industry standards as tested in the industry Sequence IVA wear test—Valvoline Full synthetic formula for exceptional high and low-temperature protection. Extra detergents help fight sludge and deposits. Superior antioxidants resist motor oil breakdown in extreme conditions. 

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