Know When is the Exact Time for getting Car Oil Change Service

The life of synthetic oil is quite long, but the synthetic engine oil in your car reaches an expiry date, which is why you need to get regularly replaced or top up as and when needed for your car.

The engine oil or car oil in your car has critical usages that help to extend the life of your engine, as well as your car’s. Before we understand the timing for car oil change services for your particular car we are going to learn about the crucial role the engine oil plays in improving the performance of the engine, extends its life and help you to appreciate the quality of the engine’s performance.

What role does the car oil play in the engine’s performance?

The primary role of the synthetic engine oil is to act as a coolant to keep the engine from overheating. Then it acts as a lubricant within the engine so all the components of the engine are well oiled when they work together to produce power and torque. The car oil also keeps the wear and tear of engine parts to the minimum which adds to the smooth running engine that delivers both finely tuned noise as well as high performance.

When the engine oil is at its best, that is when the car oil service has been done. Another thing which needs to be taken care of is the viscosity, that needs to be intact, which creates a thin layer of lubrication between mating components in the engine like when the piston reciprocates within the combustion chamber. It is the oil that creates a smooth sliding action between metal parts. 

As the engine’s combustion cycles kick in, the rpm of the engine is effective and efficient. At this condition, oil is also well heated and viscous which in turn improves fuel consumption efficiency, the parts to move smoothly and the overall heat is also kept optimum by the engine oil.

The additives in the synthetic oil, that help in removing debris like minute metal parts start to thicken up to form something like a jelly-like sludge in the engine. This is the stage when the engine oil has become harmful instead of useful to the engine.

When should you go in for car oil change service in Dubai?

Most of the car’s manual comes with a stipulation of timing or mileage, upon reaching which a complete oil change service is done. As a rule of thumb, in a hot place like Dubai, it needs to be done for every 7000 km of mileage. 

Other factors could change the mileage interval at which car oil replacement is done. If you are thrill chaser and drive you car usually at high speeds with frequent breaks and gear changes, then you will need to go in for a car oil change services in Dubai for every 5000 km itself. But if you are more of a commuter with steady driving speeds and sensible breaking, then you could go in for an oil change at every 10000kms mark. 

If you are using high-grade synthetic oil, like Valvoline and Havoline that has special additives and is usually a high-end product then the interval could even extend to as long as 15000kms mark as well.

What about the oil filter?

The oil filter also plays a vital role in keeping the engine cool and well-lubricated. It is the oil filter that refines the engine oil holding back the contamination and debris removed by the engine oil. But the filter also gets clogged up warranting a replacement of the oil filter along with the oil replacement services. 

When going by the mileage or a marker for an oil filter change, it is usually done for every other time you get the car oil replaced.  But again, if you are street racer then oil filter change every time you do car oil replacement is a must.

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The magic behind smooth running well-maintained cars is an optimum-cooled well-lubricated engine!

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