Signs that you need to change your engine oil!

An engine is the heart of every vehicle. Without an engine, you won’t start your vehicle. Having your engine checked regularly will ensure that it is working properly. Regular oil changes are also important, it makes your vehicle run smoother and last longer. Neglecting oil change can result in costly engine repairs.

Oil change Service

When it comes to routine maintenance for your vehicle, changing the oil is one of the most important tasks. Getting an oil change at the right time can make all the difference and save you plenty of costly repairs in future.

There are many advantages of changing engine oil regularly. Changing your car’s engine oil keeps it running efficiently and prevents against damage. If the oil is in bad condition the engine shows some signs, which indicate that you need to change the oil.

Here are few signs that you need to look for:

Engine oil change

Dark and Dirty oil

Clean oil is an amber color after a while fluid darkens and gets dirty from all the particles it collects from the engine. As we won’t know that when its color starts to turn, so our technicians from Zdegree recommend you to check the condition of your vehicle every month.

How to do?

To do this remove the dipstick from your engine, wipe it off, and put it back in. When you remove it again, if you can see the stick through the oil, the fluid is fine. If it is appeared to be thick and dark, Schedule an engine oil change from Zdegree.


Louder Engine Noise and Knocking

Clean oil provides a thin barrier between engine parts that protects against metal-on-metal contact and keeps your engine quiet on your travels. However, when the fluid starts to break down, it doesn’t lubricate the parts as well so you will hear louder engine noise.

Oil change or check engine light

An illuminated oil change light on your vehicle’s dashboard indicates that there is too little oil in the system. So once you see this light, check your oil level with the dipstick and if it’s insufficient, change your oil as soon as possible.

Oil smell inside the cabin

Getting a whiff of oil inside the cabin is a huge warning sign. The odor is strong and means there is a leak. So once you smell inside your car, get an oil change immediately.


Oil changes are a simple service, but they are one of the most beneficial things you can do for your vehicle. Regular oil changes help to keep your car healthy and extend its life.


Engine oil


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