Importance of Engine Oil!

What keeps your car’s engine runs smoothly? You know that it’s the engine oil. According to humans blood is important for body, like vehicles engine oil is the life blood of engine .Without oil, engine will burn up and seize in a matter of seconds.

Engine oil

Engine Oil performs many important functions.They are:

  • It acts as a lubricant for the engine parts
  • It helps protect the emission system
  • It provides enhanced fuel economy

Oil lubricates your engine and fights against two biggest enemies of any motor: friction and heat. This heat and friction produce wear. Wear will destroy your engine. Friction and heat degrade oil over time, This is the reason that engine oil and filter need to be replaced regularly. If you take good care of your vehicle it could last 20000 miles or more. The prices of new used vehicles are rising every year. Caring for your vehicle should be among your priorities.

Engine Oil

One of the most important and cost effective steps you can take to prolong your vehicle is to change your engine oil and filter every 3000 to 5000 miles. Check your engine oil every time you fill your gas tank, at least once a month.


Oil is always has been blood life of your vehicle. Getting the correct oil is crucial to help to keep your vehicle’s engine running well for years to come. If you want the best engine oil Service in Dubai, Come to Zdegree and experience our services.


When we service your vehicle, you can assure that we always use the correct oil. Using good oil like shell oil ensures a longer smoother engine life with no carbon deposits. We have well experienced staff. We ensure the best engine oil service for your vehicle.

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