How to sanitize your vehicle

While the world is still battling with the pandemic it has become important to get back to life maintaining the safety measures and taking all the precautionary steps. And if you are someone who commutes or travels a lot, disinfecting your car becomes crucial. As per recent guidelines, it is better to sanitize your car almost every day at least the surfaces which come into contact more. And if you own a cab or any such service, we would suggest you be even more careful. We know car cleaning has become important at the same time a little complex but as we have been providing car cleaning services in Dubai and all our other locations in UAE. Everybody from the car owners to the service providers, all have become cautious about the matter in the current situation. 

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And just to make your work easy we would like to share a few tips to disinfect your car properly to keep you and your loved ones safe.  

Make sure your vehicle is not heated up 

Well, the beginning is as normal as your regular car cleaning; we always recommend that you check whether your car is at a normal temperature or not. If not, let it cool down, also make sure your car cleaning area is not a sunny spot. Once you have checked and confirmed the temperature of the car you can start the cleaning and disinfecting process.  

You may vacuum clean the interior 

Vacuum cleaning the car interiors is recommended to clean away the dust particles, you can use a portable vacuum cleaner for your car, and make sure not to use it for any other purposes, as the disinfecting process is a continuous one, and with the dust and other particles, you are also pulling in probable germs and viruses from other sources. 

Which is why we would suggest you go for a car wash service once in a while.  

From steering wheels to doors  

Steering wheels push a high risk of infection so make sure you disinfect and sanitize it well. You can use cleansing agents or vehicle sanitizer to clean the steering wheels and the interiors of your car, you might also buy disposable steering wheel covers which are easily available online and even in-car cleaning centers in DubaiClean the pedals, handbrake levers, and disinfect the carpet and the floor mats as well.  

Doors are a must when you are getting your car wash done. Well sadly not everyone maintains the same safety standards as you do, so always clean your car doors. You can even wipe out the doors and the steering wheels after every drive with a car sanitizer.  

Get vehicle sanitization kit 

We understand it is not practically feasible to go for a car wash service every now and then, but given the times we are in we would suggest you get a vehicle sanitization kit. This can be very useful and also will not cause any damage to your car interiors. A recommendation to keep in mind is don’t use hand sanitizers for your leather seats and other leather interiors as the alcohol will wear up the leather surface.  

Vehicle sanitizing kits are readily available in the market at this point and you can choose one as per your requirement. And we at ZDEGREE do suggest you to use these as they are more powerful to keep the virus infection away from you than the normal cleaning agents. 

Cleanup yourself and maintain personal hygiene 

Well, this is needless to say but just to share our concern we would like to remind you to clean up once you are done disinfecting your vehicle. Preferably use a different set of clothes and don’t forget to put on the hand gloves and mask before you start cleaning. Try to use disposable scrubs and wiping clothes so that you discard the once the cleaning is done. But in case you are not disposing them off clean them thoroughly as well for your next use.  

Get yourself neatly dressed and bathed after the cleaning is done. And if you want to keep your vehicle virus free to whatever extent possible it is important to practice personal hygiene. This is essentially why you might need a car was service done in the service centers as that keeps you away from the exposure of the virus. 

Also, read how ZDEGREE is fighting against the COVID 19 virus efficiently and provide the best car cleaning in Dubai and all across the UAE. 

Now you have a fair idea of to sanitize and disinfect your vehicle. The entire world is struggling with this pandemic and we are all responsible to contribute for the safety of others as well as ourselves. Maintaining cleanliness disinfecting the car parking’s etc. can be helpful during these times.  

ZDEGREE along with its regular car wash services have included the disinfecting services for details on the services or to get your car disinfected and cleaned you might call us at 800 933 4733 or visit our website to book an appointment straight away. 

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