5 Warning Signs of Car Tyres Never to Ignore!

The tyres of the car are the only parts that help get a grip of the road. Making sure they are in good condition should always be your priority. You must regularly check the condition of your tyres including the spare ones. With the harsh UAE weather, it is of utmost importance to maintain your car tyres by getting them assessed by professional service centers like zDegree tires & auto services based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain routinely.

Tyres in Dubai
Tyres in Dubai

Below is how you know it is time for a new set of tires

  • Check for uneven tread depth – The utmost important safety measure when checking your car tires is to find out worn-out tread wear. The tread on the tires is for maximum grip in any weather conditions. This leads to:
  • The increased braking distance of the car
  • The car skids upon sudden braking
  • Possible aquaplaning on wet roads

As per the recommendations of manufacturers, the tread depth should always be above the threshold of 1.6 mm. All tires come with tread indicators within the tread grooves. If the blocks are near the tread height, it is time for a new set of tires.

  • Check for uneven wear – having uneven wear on the car tires is very common but mostly overlooked by many. No routine checkups can lead to premature balding of the tires. Routine checkups can identify if the tread wear pattern is balanced across the tire. If the tires are unevenly worn out it is usually a sign of suspension or steering issues. Getting such issues fixed will increase the life of your tires.
Wheel Alignment at zDegree Tires and Auto Services
Wheel Alignment at zDegree Tires and Auto Services
  • Check for cracked sidewalls – during your routine tyre check in Dubai, look for any visible cracks on their surface. These cracks are usually caused due to old wear & tear, extremely hot weather of UAE, or by not maintaining adequate tyre pressure. Though slight marks are not dangerous as compared to the major cracks, prevention is better than cure hence if you notice any such irregularity bring them to your nearest zDegree service center to get them checked or replaced.
  • Check for any bulges and blisters – see an irregular bulge on the tire surface? Time to get them replaced at the earliest. One must avoid driving on tires with bulges & blisters as the sidewall has already been damaged and become weak. Driving on such tires has the risk of tire explosion and the driver losing control of the car. Regular checks of the tyre’s surface will help avoid these issues.
  • Check for vibrating noises – Some noises during driving are acceptable but if you find that additional noises are becoming a routine during your commute, you must take them to an authorized tire workshop for a checkup. Though the noise can be due to various reasons, the easiest inspection is to try and get your wheel balanced and aligned. An unbalanced wheel may cause steering/body vibrations and is easily noticeable. Other reasons can be that of suspension or engine mount. But if none of these seem to solve the noise problem, then it can be an internal problem with your tyres. Our suggestion is to drive into your nearest auto service center to get them replaced

How long do a set of car tyres last in the UAE?

As the experts say, heat is the biggest enemy of rubber; with temperatures soaring to 50’ tire blowouts are more likely. As a rule, a non-commercial tyre should have a maximum life span of around 75,000km to 80,000km. But this is in exceptional circumstances. There are a lot of factors that can influence the life of your car’s tyres.

Tires in Dubai
Tires in Dubai

If these issues highlighted are identified on your car’s tyres, these need to be repaired or replaced. To replace the tyres, you can visit your nearby tyre shop in Dubai. Not sure which tyre suits you best for your car? Choose from a wide range of premium brands to help you buy tyres online. Tire specifications are unique to each tire manufacturer & with a range of OE fitment tyre brands available with zDegree including Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Continental, our experts can help you choose the best fit for your car and get the tyres fitted at your doorstep.

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