Zdegree’s 360 degree services for complete car care.

You have come to know ZDegree for its various top-notch services like tire care services, engine oil change, battery replacement, brakes and suspension, coolant and lubrication services along with mechanical services. All of them cater to your car’s best needs for repair and performance optimization, done at the hands of expert technicians have the experience of working on several high-end & luxury cars and their different makes and models.

But did you also know that ZDegree offers several other add on services that make life a little easier for car owners like you, to have everything related to the car under one roof?

ZDegree offers some great car care services that go beyond your usual routine maintenance and repair service center.

360-degree services offered:

1. Online tire shop

ZDegree is a pioneer in online tire shopping, they have a repository of world-renowned tire brands in various segments and across the price range. You can easily filter through brands, sizes to choose the right tire for your needs. We have all the tires rated as per the European tire label systems of rating them as per their fuel efficiency, noise levels, and wet traction. You can order the tire easily online and have it delivered through the Mobile Tire Garage at your convenient location and schedule, anywhere in Dubai.

2. Car Detailing Services

One of the primary reasons we take our car to a service center is to get them washed and have them looking spick and span. But if you are keen on increasing your car’s value and keep it looking like new for a longer duration, then just a car wash won’t do. You’ll need to do car detailing at least once a year. Car detailing is the white glove cleaning for your entire car, chassis included. You can pamper your high-end cars like Ferrari, BMW,  McLaren, Lamborghini to the best car detailing in Dubai only at ZDegree. You could also add on to it cool window tints and have your car leave the service center, like it’s rolling out of a showroom ramp.

3. Pre – Purchase Inspection Services.

Dubai is a thriving hub of travelers and expats from various countries, living in the city for a short duration. The city being so popular for its shopping festivals and world-famous sights, there are ample opportunities to get out and socialize. The lack of extensive and well-connected public transport makes it imperative for people to buy a car. Adding the icing on the cake is the low fuel cost and low prices for cars. Having huge demography moving in and out affords a huge pre-owned car market. It is economically advisable and practical to buy one of the pre-owned cars. But! There are many pitfalls to avoid while buying a pre-owned car. It is always good to have the car inspected thoroughly for all its issues from a professional service center, and get to know what your post-purchase repair cost would look like.

ZDegree offers a 24 point vehicle inspection and reports on signs of previous mechanical issues, accidents, and damages, etc.  that makes sure you don’t end up getting a lemon for a car.

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