ZDegree- Your one-stop shop for Pirelli tyres and services in Dubai.

Gone are the days when you had to go to dark and dingy tire shops and wait in the heat, choose whatever tire was available and wait some more until the mechanic would fix them up.

Revolutionizing tire shopping in Dubai and the rest of the UAE is ZDegree with its online tyre shop.
And if you are a fan of Pirelli tyres especially looking out for some Pirelli’s run-flat tyres, look no further then myzdegree.com for all your Pirelli Tire Services solutions.
You can book your favorite Pirelli tyres for your car in 3 easy steps.

  1. Look up the tire of your choice, compare them with other tires with respect to the rating – based on fuel efficiency, noise levels, and wet gripping. This rating has become a benchmark for comparison for all EU tires.
  2. Once chosen, go ahead and pick up the installation time and place, it can be anywhere in Dubai. Your home, workplace or even the golf club. Schedule the tire delivery and fitment.
  3. Make easy payment through cash on delivery or by card online.

That’s it! You are sorted for tyres. A convenient and easy process for buying and fitting Pirelli tyres.

Car Recovery Services for Pirelli tyres
With Pirelli’s groundbreaking run-flat tyres crafted with self-supporting walls, you can continue driving without disruption even during an air loss situation, assuring safety first. While the run- flat technology keeps the tires in traction on the road while you pull the car to the curb, you still need to get roadside assistance for changing the tyres.

ZDegree pioneers in providing that essential roadside assistance anywhere in Dubai. All you have to do is call the toll free car recovery services no. 8009334733. and our mobile tire garage van fitted with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for tire fitment, digital wheel alignment, air/nitrogen filling for tires, etc. with experienced and seasoned mechanics will drive to your stranded location to change the tires. All your tire problems solved and that too at affordable costs.

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