You should consider these 3 important aspects of car service station

One of the important cost factors of owning a car is the cost of running and using it. Regular maintenance work plus the repair costs need to be factored in while making a purchase. There are some fabulous vehicles that are not only powerful machines but are also easy to maintain as their after-sales services are simple, from fluid checks and top-ups to an overall general check. The visits to the car service station are usually a breeze and not many unexpected surprises pop up.

car service station

But on the other hand, there are cars that are easy on the eye, have great performances with high power, but cost an arm and a leg to maintain and their regular upkeep cost might catch you off guard.

Regardless of the kind of car you own, the cost of owning one can be considerably influenced by the quality of the car repair garage in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

In such cities, ownership of prestigious cars is the norm and ensuring that your car service station is aptly suited to your car and you can go a long way in reducing or increasing the cost of ownership of your vehicle.

What are the factors to choose a car service station?

  1. The people behind the services – Expert Technicians

Any car service station or car repair garage in Dubai is only as good as its technicians and mechanics. The years of experience of working on different makes and models of cars, understanding the finer nuances of vehicle performance are the qualities of a mechanic or technician that are an intangible asset to any garage. You might not get such talent everywhere. You can easily gauge such talent in the way they conduct the pre-service inspection.  

Quality of the car service station reflects in the technicians or mechanics who are able to aptly diagnose the problem areas of your car, advise and offer an appropriate suggestion on whether you need to go work full-fledged on the system or a minor tune-up would be sufficient. They would further be ready to answer any of your queries and questions you might have, with the finesse that can be honed only through experience. At ZDegree, we are able to attract and retain such talent. It is our intention that you and your car are able to build a lasting relationship, so there is a higher level of understanding of your requirements and the finer performance pointers of your car.

2. The power of word-of-mouth – Reviews and Testimonials

It is customary to ask around before going blindly into a car repair garage. You would talk to your friends and colleagues, with a similar car as yours to ask for suggestions and directions. Word of mouth is a great way to ascertain the quality of service, affordability and overall experience of getting your car services through the car repair garage in Dubai and other locations. 

Apart from the general word-of-mouth, the reviews and testimonials of unknown people also add considerable value. Satisfied and happy customers take that extra effort to write reviews so others get benefitted from their experiences. Their reviews help build the credibility of the car service station, a transparent unbiased review of the quality of services offered and also of their customer relationship management when discrepancies arise. All of these help build trust in your choice of the car repair garage.

We, at ZDegree, are happy to have such reviews by our satisfied customers and strive to better our services both via tangible and intangible ways.

3. The final decider – Services costing and pricing

Once you have established that a car repair centre has experienced technicians and has great reviews, the last factor that will be the decider will be their service quotes. Services should have value for money. If the cost quoted is high, then there is no value for money, and at the same time, if the quotes are too low, then the quality of parts and the types of equipment used may be low or questionable, which in turn will lead to a lower quality of service. 

Plus, if there are offers and discounts on standard services like engine oil changes, then it is definitely a worthwhile service centre.

At ZDegree, we believe in providing affordability with higher service quality. We also roll out great deals on services at regular intervals so our loyal customers could be benefitted by our association.

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