How to protect your car from the harsh summer sun?

Dubai is a city known for sun, sand and shopping. But Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of the UAE are notorious for their summers. Summers not only sap out the energy in us, but the sweltering heat is also brutal on cars. Summer heat tends to alter a few systems in the car and overwork them.

Even though most of the cars are equipped to manage variations in temperature and are able to withstand severe heat and cold. The extreme temperature in summer does tend to hamper the performance and safety aspects of the car. To enjoy a good summer, free of car problems and abrupt breakdowns, it is best advised to have regular car maintenance checks done through professionals before the onset of summer. ZDegree provides the most comprehensive car inspection services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai amongst other places in the UAE. Our services include car battery services, auto repair services, car inspection and maintenance services, to list a few.

Here are a few problem areas that need special attention during the summer. And also a few suggestions on how to protect your car from the harsh summer sun.

Coolant system
When the engine is heated more than usual from the rising summer heat, it is the coolant system’s job to keep it cool. Sometimes the coolant itself heats up and is unable to draw the heat out of the engine. This can lead to wear and tear of the coolant systems. Overheating can also deplete the additives in the coolant. During summer, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the engine’s temperature gauge. Also, it is best to top up the coolant levels before the start of peak summer or before you go on a summer road trip. You could come by to one of our facilities around the UAE for a complete coolant system inspection and upkeep.

Engine oil
It is the engine oil, that circulates around the engine and keeps various engine parts, well lubricated and protected from wear and tear. But during summers, this oil, thins down due to excessive heat and loses its lubricative capacity and thereby leading to more wear on the various engine parts.

It is best advised to flush out the old and fill in new engine oil. It is also better to use engine oil, with additives suitable to take in the heat yet maintain the oil viscosity. Also, good to keep a check on the engine oil level and contaminants in it, so you could replace it when needed.

ZDegree’s auto maintenance services include car oil change services, they are the leading car maintenance services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al ain.

One might think that the battery tends to discharge more quickly in winter, but summer reduces the battery’s usable life. The rising temperatures add to the heat from the engine and deplete the battery’s electrolyte levels, which causes rapid discharge. The battery fluid too evapourate much sooner while driving around in the hot sun.

Adding to the woes, the car’s electrical system like Air Conditioning, fans, windows, electrical console, sunroof and open convertible roofs add more load on an already hampered battery.

To overcome this problem, it is best to maintain the battery’s fluid level at optimum, make sure the alternator gets enough time to charge the battery by going on longer trips that balance the battery’s charge & discharge rates. Another way is to make sure, that the car is parked under shade when not used also insulating the battery alone could also be a way to isolate the battery from the engine’s heat.

But the best way to maintain the battery at its optimum working condition is to make sure you take in the car for regular checks to a reliable car battery maintenance services equipped with car battery replacement services also. In short, you should take your car to ZDegree’s versatile auto repair and battery services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and few more locations in the UAE for a hassle-free services. They are also leading in mobile garage services.

Heat and tyre don’t go well together. Extreme heat tends to expand the air inside thereby increasing the pressure and can also lead to bulging of tyre walls. A tip to remember is to always inflate the tyre to lesser than usual air pressures to accommodate the expanding air.

The worst-case scenario is to have a tyre blown out. But worry not, for ZDegree’s mobile tyre garage fitted with the latest equipment for easy tyre repair and replacement services in Dubai. The mobile garage also addresses battery drain out issues or even battery replacement services. ZDegree’s mobile garage is just one call away. Call 800 933 4733 for any roadside assistance for your car.

Air Conditioning
We cannot survive Dubai’s heat without the AC working at its best. If not used and cared for properly all year round, the AC won’t have the power to cool you effectively. If not maintained well, the A/C gives off a musty mouldy smell making it difficult to sit within the car.

The most effective way to maintain the A/C is to make sure there is no leakage of the refrigerant. At ZDegree along with the routine car maintenance and car inspection services, the car’s AC repair services are also done. Our expert mechanics tend to every need of your car and service it with care.

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