Gift your BMW the best car service in Dubai.

‘Sheer Driving Experience’ is what you get when you have the privilege to drive a German Car – the BMW.

Owning these high-end cars, it becomes extremely important to choose the right partner for servicing them. You need to build a trusting relationship with your servicing partner.

And, taking your BMW to fancy Dealership for its routine checks and maintenance, may at first seem like the right thing to do. But, after a few visits, you tend to take the cost factor of these visits much more seriously. With all their up-market features and high rental showrooms, their overheads add to the cost of your BMW service.

BMW’s are automotive technological marvels, where the digital diagnostics meets German engineering seamlessly to give you the uncompromising driving experience.

Power wheels like BMW have a multitude of sensors and use electronics to the max possible extent to monitor wear and tear of different parts. They are fitted with an onboard-maintenance system called Condition Based Service (CBS*). The CBS gathers all the info about the car repair needs. This information can be read through diagnostic tools. At ZDegree we have State-of-the-art tools, run by highly trained and well-experienced technicians and mechanics to understand the diagnostics and do the necessary repair and replacement.

  1. You don’t go in for any unnecessary service inspections or checks, saves money and time.
  2. The onboard diagnostics identifies and makes an advance note of potential malfunctions in the vehicle’s electrical and electronic systems. This information can be easily accessed by an independent BMW service center in Dubai, well equipped with the latest technologies like computer-based onboard diagnostics reader by simply plugging in and get straight to repairing the issues, and not spend valuable time in figuring out the maintenance and service needs of your BMW.

The independent BMW service centers do use OE parts and products like fuel, oil filters, engine oil that ‘match in quality’ to those originally fitted by the automakers itself.

ZDegree is a reputed service center for BMW, amongst other High-end, High-power cars. Offering the best quality service, with the latest technological equipment done by experienced and professional technicians.  With reduced labor and overhead costs, using OE “matching quality” parts, our services are on par with the Dealerships at much lower costs.

Our service quality for BMW, Audi, Ferrari, etc. has become a benchmark for luxury cars in Dubai. Our technicians are well-versed with all the latest tech used in BMW cars and have experience servicing different BMW car series. They will make sure to keep your car running at its peak performance, ensure your drive will be safe and your BMW well-taken care off.

All you have to do is book an appointment with us, and we will make sure you get the best of service at Zdegree.

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