Buying pre-loved cars? Get the pre purchase Car inspection done

In cities like Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the UAE, having a car is a matter of necessity as well as luxury. Although public transport has a well-connected network, people still  prefer to buy a car. A car gives the mobility to access far off supermarkets and Dubai’s hotspots in the suburbs like Jumeirah Beach road strip, Dubai Marina and other such spots. 

Cars especially are much need for convenient travelling protected from the elements. An AC in the car is a must to withstand the stark and intense heat of the region. This reason alone is enough for many to even purchase pre-used cars from the used-car market. A lot of expatriates living in Dubai tend to prefer this option over buying a brand new car. And it isn’t a bad idea to do so.

In a country like UAE, where the world’s most luxurious brands and supercars are up for sale in the used-car market, it makes complete sense to go for these “pre-loved” street machines. Just ensure that you take the car for a pre-purchase car inspection before you even start off the haggling or negotiation process. 

 pre purchase car inspection

What is our 24 points Pre-Purchase Car inspection service?

Used cars are just that. They are not new cars rolled out from an assembly plant – all brand new. They are pre-owned, pre-loved cars. Once the previous owner has sold the car to a dealer and done with the paperwork. You really would not know what the car has undergone throughout its service life until you have driven it yourself, and have done a thorough and complete inspection of its various systems. The car could have damages that have been only superficially corrected to make a sale. It could have had an accident with an underlying engine or transmission problem that will only be evident in the long run. It could be having a suspension system or brake systems working on its last breath. So until you are a qualified mechanic yourself, it is best advised to get the car inspected by an expert car mechanic to get a ball-park figure for all the upcoming repair and maintenance work.

Our highly trained, expert technicians will give a proper check of all the following systems;

  • Engines – All parts functioning and performance check. 
  • Cooling system – Operational tests, physical part checks, and performance check.
  • HVAC – complete functioning test, smell, temperature control, AC gas leak check.
  • Transmission/Drivetrain – Complete performance test and oil leakage check.pre-purchase
  • Transfer Case – Physical integrity and for leaks. 
  • Differential(s) – check for seals and mounts, performance-tested through dynamic testing.
  • Driveshaft(s) – check for alignment and a manual tolerance test is done.
  • Suspension – Dynamic test to check their function and manual test of all the physical parts of the system. 
  • Brakes – All the discs and pad thickness, brake fluid level and cylinder integrity
  • Electrical – All the lights, speedometer, steering column, AC control, entertainment console and all other systems that require battery power for functioning.
  • Tyres – Cracks, dryness, manufacturing date

After a thorough pre-purchase car inspection, our experts will convey the extent of damage through accident or otherwise and give you the diagnosis of repair needed. Based on that you could make a well-informed decision to make a purchase or not.

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