Answers to the 3 most common questions on Car Care services.

Whenever car owners bring their cars for services they are curious and want to know ways and means of the technician in diagnosing the service needs of the car. Their curiosity gets the better of them have a lot of questions on the markers for good car care and tire care.

So here is a compilation of some of those questions being answered.

1. What is the speed rating of their tires?

First of all, what is the speed rating? It is the maximum speed a tire is certified to carry its rated load capacity safely. It is very easy to find the speed rating of any tire. All one has to do is look at the markings on the tire, for all the specifications pertaining to the tire. Tire marking looks like 215/45R18 93Y  where each and every number and alphabet has significance. In our example, 215 – width of the tire, 45 – the aspect ratio, R – the type of construction (radial), 18-Rim size, 93 – load index and Y – the speed rating.

2. How much to inflate the tire in Summer?

Summer in Dubai is not your usual breezy affair. Dubai being a desert region, summers get extremely punishing to you and your car. The heat takes a toll on the battery, the coolant system, engine lubrication and even the tires are not spared. 

The heat expands the air inside the tires, thereby increasing the pressure which could bulge your tires. A corrective and a preventive measure is to inflate the tires to lesser pressures than usually done. This gives room for the air to expand and keep it inflated at the right level to get a good road grip. Summer is harsh on other parts of the car as well you can learn how to protect them from the damaging effects of the sun.

3. How best to increase the life of a battery?

You would be on the verge of letting your cool down if the first thing in the morning, you have a non-starting car because of a dead battery. It is a fact that battery’s life is much shorter in a hot and dusty region like Dubai and the UAE when compared to the life of the same battery in colder climatic conditions. So there are certain sure shots tips for good battery maintenance to increase its life. One of the main tips is to make sure, you don’t take frequent short drives; the alternator connected to the engine recharges the battery. And for effective recharge, the engine needs to be running for an optimal amount of time. Hence, it is advised to limit short trips that let the engine run enough to recharge the battery. 

These are some of the commonly asked questions and for further information and for a fabulous service for your car, from tires to trims, from brakes to the battery, ZDegree offers all the car care services under one roof. They are located in more than 8 locations in the UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain to name a few.

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