Summer is coming so this is why it’s important to get your AC checked and sanitized

Getting your car’s AC servicing done is as important as getting the oil change service done every 6 months or 30,000 km. It is a misconception that a Car AC service is an additional feature in the car that does not need high maintenance. With your car maintenance, getting a car ac service is equally important especially if you are living in UAE, as you must know that Dubai weather is very hot and unbearable throughout the year especially in summers. The coolness that AC provides during high outside temperatures is an absolute necessity for driving during the summers.

In Dubai, the summer generally starts from mid-April and lasts till the end of October. In summers, the temperature of Dubai even soars up to 50°C (113°F) with very high humidity. The days can be very hot to venture outside and most people living in Dubai have to use their cars, trucks and SUVs as a mean to commute.

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Tips to Sanitize and Disinfect your Car

If your vehicle is not properly cleaned or disinfected, then your car interior would be a bed of pathogens like virus and bacteria that can cause infection. These germs on your car interior can be transmitted whenever human contact is made. It is always advisable to sanitize the car parts that are in constant contact with your hand like the steering wheel, dashboard controls, car door handle, gear knob etc. Considering the current pandemic situation, maintaining a proper car sanitization service is extremely important.

Due to Covid-19, people have become increasingly conscious of hygiene in this day and age. It has led us to understand the significance of cleanliness both in person, our day-to-day things and in terms of the air we breathe. During the Covid-19, vehicle owners who maintain proper car sanitization have a much less chance of getting infected because their cars are cleaned, sanitized and sterilized.

The most useful tip for disinfecting the car is frequent sanitization of the most frequently contacted parts inside and outside of your car. This basic tip applies no matter whether it is your personal car or a rented car or public transport like taxis in Dubai.

One of the best ways to clean your car is to use rubbing alcohol as it is clinically proven to be safe to use for cleaning and sanitizing. Due to this pandemic, it is ideal to sanitize your car frequently.

You can get all your car AC related problems solved for cheap car ac repair in dubai at zDegree. We also sanitize your entire AC system using an ozonator. It gets rid of harmful germs in your A/S system and gets rid of unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke or a musty smell.

We use special solutions that disinfect your car interior while being gentle on your car fabrics, ensuring no long-term damage is done.

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Elements of Sanitization

Disinfectant wipes can be used to disinfect the car but they can potentially stain your fabric, leather or alcantra interior.

At zDegree, we ensure that interior of your car is safe by using specialized car care products and all our staff are certified to sanitize your vehicle.

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