7 Telltale Signs That Compel You To Change Your Car Battery

Car batteries are the lifeline of the car. It is the battery that supplies power to crank the engine and to start your car. Traditionally, the battery only needed to start the car, play radio and run the AC, but these days with the latest car technologies, electronics play a huge role in the functioning of a car.  The car battery services, especially in a city like Dubai, should be on top of your car care routine, for a bad battery or a dead battery is as good as a defunct car itself.

So it follows that you need to keep a lookout for telltale signs that your battery is functioning at a less than optimum level. Or it’s pretty much in the last stage of its serviceable life.

7 tell-tale signs that you will Need Car Battery Services in Dubai soon

“If only I knew” – hope you don’t have to say these words when your car stalls because of a dead battery. There are definite signs that give away the health and condition of your battery, they are subtle but effective. If you observe any of these, then it’s best to get your car to a trusted car battery maintenance services center to get it inspected or to even replace the car battery.

1. Engine Cranks But Is Slow To Start

When you turn the key to start the car, you can hear the whining, whirring noise and it takes a while before the engine gets cranked to life. This is a classic sign that your battery is at the brink of its life. The whirring noise is due to the fact that the battery is unable to create the charge to start the engine. Over time the battery components wear out and it could hamper its charging mechanism.

2. Dimmed lights and other electrical issues

Battery directly powers the lights, your power lock and windows, the dashboard computers and its the source for charging your phone. So if you see your lights dimming when you plug in the phone, it is a sure shot sign that your battery is not able to supply enough charge to the car and its devices. This also indicates that your battery is unable to take the usual load, hasn’t been charged properly by the alternator. So when you start seeing the dimming lights, head straight to the car battery services in Dubai. Get your battery charged with replenishing its acid levels or just go for replacement.

Car Battery Services in Dubai

3. The check engine is on

In most cars, the check engine light comes on for a variety of reasons. One amongst them is that the battery is running out of juice. So it is best to get your car to the garage and have it checked lest it’s another major issue. If nothing else, then it’s best to get your battery checked and repaired.

4. A foul smell

A damaged battery or an internal short in it could leak gas and this emanates a foul smell. So if next time you sense a foul smell like rotten eggs then get the battery thoroughly checked for the source of the leak and you might have to probably replace it.

5. Corroded terminals

After a couple of years of usage, the battery terminals plugs get loosened and acid spills over, it corrodes the terminals and reduces the contact surface, this, in turn, reduces the efficiency of the charging and discharging cycle. Get your battery check ASAP.

6. A bulged out the battery case

The heat in cities of UAE like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are highly punishing to the battery. It can get to an extreme extent where the battery case will bulge and crack. This is another sign that your battery is reaching the end of its life.

7. The old battery

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your battery, it only goes to say that your battery is old. A new battery that is gone through its charge and discharge cycles effectively and efficiently will last you about three to four years. It is mostly advised to have the battery replaced on your next visit to the car services center.

We at ZDegree offer you comprehensive car battery services in Dubai, that are both affordable and done by highly trained and experienced professionals. When you visit one of our many service centers located across the UAE, your car and the battery will be first tested and diagnosed through proper inspection tools. Then, you are advised on the various options you have so you could take an informed decision about the car battery.

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