Peelable paints Vs Car Vinyl Wraps. Why opt for them in the Scorching Summers of UAE?

Vinyl Wrap
Vinyl Wrap

What are Peelable Paints and Vinyl Wraps?

As car owners are always looking for new methods to personalize their cars and make them reflect their personality, changing a vehicle’s color is one of the most common methods to make it stand out. 

Vinyl wraps come along with many advantages such as they provide minimal downtime, low cost, and variety of alternatives. It preserves the paint, provides digital design, and allows for easy customization. Imagine the Vinyl wrap as being a gigantic sticker.

On the other hand, with peelable paints services you can now renew the color of your car along with protecting its original color.

This fresh new technology, also known as rubber paint, allows you to remove the paint in the same manner as a vinyl wrap, but with a much more professional finish. Peelable paint service also does not require glue or gum to adhere, making removal a very quick and straightforward task which means it can be taken off without damaging the exterior of the vehicle and can last for about 3-5 years. Lastly, peelable paints peelable paints are not as expensive as other methods of coloring the cars such as Vinyl wraps, traditional paint jobs, etc.

Which one to opt for?

Traditional paints tend to fade with increased temperatures and heat. But bot Vinyl stickers and peelable paint will protect the natural color of your car’s exterior without causing it any harm. These approaches are also beneficial the hot weather can produce bumps, cracks, or discoloration when standard paints are applied. In order to keep up with the changing trends, it is recommended that UAE residents renew and renovate their cars’ exteriors with peelable paint or vinyl coverings.

Peelable Paint
Peelable Paint

Where to get the best peelable paint service in Dubai?

Car owners and their families consider their vehicles to be a valuable possession. The fact that cars have such a high emotional value makes them a necessity.

With the emerging new trend for reversible color changes which appear like real paint, pioneers like zDegree Auto services have been the key players in Dubai market who lead the peelable paint and detailing market in UAE

It is advisable to go for peelable paint instead of vinyl wraps as the peelable paints are long lasting. zDegree is your  

The skilled team at zDegree Auto services will provide exceptional car peelable service to help your vehicle resist the ruthless desert climate.

Give them a call today to book your appointment.

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