Essential Car Maintenance before Long Road Trip and Activities during Winter Season in the UAE

The winter season in the UAE is always a welcome respite from the scorching summer heat. During the winter season in the UAE, we usually cannot avoid foggy weather. Here are some tips to help you stay safe even when traveling in such conditions:

It becomes even more crucial during foggy weather to get a car wash in Dubai and keep your distance from the car in front to avoid any accidents.

Best Car Wash services in Dubai
Best Car Wash services in Dubai

·  Get a Car Service: Every time you plan to go on a road trip in the UAE, it is ideal to get a pre-car service and general maintenance for your car despite the summer or winter season. In general maintenance, the fluid levels like coolants and engine oil, battery charge, air filters, and spark plugs are checked and it is made sure that your car is all set for road trips.  

zDegree Auto Services - Car services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi
zDegree Auto Services – Car services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

·  Turn the heater on – Foggy weather could lead to condensation building up inside your car. By turning your heater on, your windows will stay clear and improve visibility.

 ·  Turn the fog lights on – Not all vehicles come with fog lights on the front, but all cars should have rear fog lights especially since the law requires it. Turn the fog lights on while driving through fog, then turn them off once the fog clears to avoid “dazzling” other motorists. It is also suggested to get headlight restoration done before your road trip.

  ·  Get your Brakes Checked It is very common that during winters, the car brake caliper gets gummed up and stuck often due to cold weather. It is very important to get the brakes replacement in UAE, get the brake caliper checked, and brake fluid changed before going on road trips. Getting brakes services is a crucial and mandatory safety measure.

 Brake Services in UAE
Brake Services in UAE

 ·  Make use of other safety features: Consider using other safety features, such as the car defroster and windshield wipers. In particular, windshield wipers are essential for keeping your windshield clear during foggy conditions. Make sure your flashlight is working and your car battery is charged.  

·  Keep Flat Tyre Kit: If you are planning a road trip in UAE and thinking that a spare tyre in your car boot will keep you hassle-free, you are mistaken.

zDegree – State of the art workshop for all your tyre check and replacement requirements in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.
zDegree – State of the art workshop for all your tyre check and replacement requirements in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Camping – The UAE offers stunning deserts where you would go stargazing, appetizing BBQ, or relax on sand dunes and enjoy the sunset. Popular camping destinations from Dubai include Al Aweer, Al Khawaneej, the Al Qudra Lakes, and Lehbab.            

Desert Camping Dubai
Desert Camping Dubai

Desert Safari – A desert safari is an excellent method to appreciate the desert’s splendor. You may embark on a morning, evening, or overnight safari, preferably in a group rather than alone. From desert Safari to beach day in Fujairah, you can enjoy an easy-going drive on road to the desert or even in the desert. You may also request that a safari be arranged for you by a professional tour agent. Experience some dune bashing, a barbeque supper at a desert camp, or a camel ride while you’re there.

The Road to Al Ain – You can get the best road trips in Al Ain and it is UAE’s most laidback place in winters. Al-Ain is also famous for sighting oases, springs, and natural greenery. The beautiful highlights of views in Al Ain can be seen through the dizzying height of Jebel Hafeet.

On your road trips, if you face any car problem, then you can also visit our zDegree car workshop Al Ain where our expert technicians and experts will take care of your car needs and you can enjoy a hassle-free trip ahead.

The Road to Liwa – The other most famous sandy desert is located 250km south of Abu Dhabi, Liwa has villages, farms, and gigantic dunes. The road structure of roads to Liwa is designed in such a manner that you can enjoy the best road trips as you make your way to Liwa.

zDegree is a one-stop solution to be winter-ready for all vehicle maintenance requirements for offroad adventures for the customers’ vehicles. So, book your appointment today with our experts and technicians to perform an inspection for car maintenance in Dubai.


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