Pamper Your Lamborghini, Mercedes, Ferrari To The Best Car Detailing In Dubai

You have bought your dream car – Be it a Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, Audi or a Ferrari. A part of owning these uber luxury liner cars is the statement they make, and making them look like car show quality will be of prime importance to you. But they just can’t be kept in a garage! These luxury cars supercars with super speeds need to be let loose on the roads. These supercars pick up dirt and grime and no ordinary car wash is good for them. They need total car spa pampering done on them to keep them looking like the million bucks they are.

This is where professional and expert car detailing come into the picture. An ordinary car wash is just a simple wash – basic cleaning of the car, with soap and water. It’s a mechanized process. This gives a clean and shiny looking car.  But! this isn’t sufficient when you own an exhilarating, speeding supercar.

ZDegree’s car detailing services in Dubai offers the best in market car detailing services done by expert hands of mechanics who scan, clean, shine and protect every inch of your car.  

And here’s how they do it.

Primarily the Car detailing is split in two.

  1. Exterior Detailing – This includes the complete exterior of the car – windows,  wheels, chassis, and the whole paintwork.
  2. Interior Detailing– – This includes complete leather upholstery care, mats, front console, door panels, AC vents, and complete car console.

Exterior Detailing

Car detailing goes beyond car washing. The intention is not only to have a clean car but to make sure it gleams, is scratch free and is dressed with a protective layer.

Paint care

When the car is first manufactured, they carry with them a coat of protection over the entire painted surface, it is scratch resistant and maintains the shine. But, overuse in the open, the harsh sun is not gentle on the car paint and makes it lose its shine. ZDegree’s professional car detailing services in Dubai offers premium paint care.

It is done in a 3 step process – cleaning, correction, and protection. First, the car is completely washed with a special SwissVax solution and dried to remove any dirt and grime. Washing and cleaning are done by hand with a focus on minute details, unlike a mechanized car wash. Then a clay bar is used to remove contaminants in the paint coat like tar, over-spraying residues and other impurities that a simple car wash solution will not be able to remove. Lastly, protection with shine. After claying, polishing is done to remove swirl marks and then finally a sealant like wax is applied for protection and enduring shine.

Wheels & Chassis

The under chassis of the car and the wheels are thoroughly washed. Individual attention to tires and wheel rims is given. After washing and degreasing a layer of protection is applied over all the parts of the chassis, a plastic protective layer is sprayed on the mud flaps and splash guards. The protective layer helps in abating corrosion, increases shine.

Engine Bay

Z Degree’s car detailing service stands apart from others in this aspect. Engine Bay detailing is usually not done, but we cannot claim to give you a showroom quality car without detailing the engine. This detailing involves cleaning the engine bay by misting the engine and then wiped by hand to remove dirt and a degreaser is used, finally, all is rinsed clean. After all the parts are dried, a special protective layering is done on the plastic, silicone and rubber parts to prevent them from cracking.

Interior Detailing

In a car wash, the interior is not cleaned, may be dusted and wiped over for basic cleaning, but it is not extensive. In car detailing, the interior is given equal importance to the exterior if not more. The interior is not just vacuumed to remove dirt and dust but is steam cleaned to remove germs and bacteria too. And vacuuming is not limited to the passenger seating area but even the boot space or trunk of the car.

Mats and carpets are washed by scrubbing and shampooed and are completely dried before putting them in to avoid mildew.

Leather upholstery is given a thorough cleaning with a special solution, conditioned to improve their longevity and to retain the original texture and look.

Plastic and vinyl areas of the interior are cleaned and covered with protective layering.

We at ZDegree offer above par car detailing services for cars are not only for uber-luxury cars but for all cars. When a car rolls out of our facility after an intensive car detailing work, they look nothing less than the car rolling out on the carpets of international auto shows.

Visit our many ZDegree facilities all across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain in UAE to pamper your car to the best car detailing services.

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