Importance of Car Detailing !

Car Detailing is the best way to get you back to the new brand car again. Detailing involves cleaning and restoring of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Auto detailing is the best way to ensure your car is clean and comfortable.

Car Detailing Dubai


There are two types of Detailing: Interior and Exterior.

Interior Detailing involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior part of your vehicle. Besides offering cleanliness, an interior detailing can treat your seats and mats with protectant, which will minimize further damage.

For exterior detailing, different techniques are utilized to attain the perfect look, including waxing followed by polishing. It improves the condition and shine of your vehicle.

Exterior Detailing is a step by step process, started with a hand wash and then the vehicle is dried on the combination of compressed air. Tires are dressed with a sling and the trim is dressed and protected to prevent fading and discoloration. All the paint works are deep cleaned and lightly polished to remove the oxidation. Then the glass is cleaned to remove lighter water spots and road film, and then apply the ceramic coating to provide better visibility while driving in the rain.

Car Detailing Dubai

The main benefits of car detailing are:

  • Removing scratches, marks and reducing fading in paints
  • Providing long term protection
  • Helping to retain the value of a car.

Car detailing normally focused on taillights, headlamps, windows and bumpers to give the car a perfect look.

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