Car Detailing Dubai

Everyone loves new cars, they are attractive, shiny. Do you want to maintain your car’s attraction and shining?  Then take care of your car with regular washes and detailing process. Its no longer a  time-consuming process. At ZDegree we treat your car like our own in our Car Detailing Dubai Service Center.

As pioneers in the busines,s we can professionally bring your car once again into showroom condition with our customized Car detailing Dubai service center. Utilizing a full scope of world driving cardetailing service and profoundly prepared professionals we can create exceptional outcomes to guarantee your car is looking great.

Car Wash Dubai
Car Wash at Car Detailing Center Dubai

Car detailing in Dubai is the process of cleaning and reconditioning of the car in a professional way. It is a step by step process to restore its beauty. Detailing includes the reconditioning of interior and exterior of your vehicle. At ZDEGREE we provide professional car detailing in Dubai, UAE to provide your vehicle a new look. We offer detailing packages based on vehicle size. We perform thorough cleaning, polishing & protecting the exterior, interior and engine bay of the car and transform your vehicle to showroom level quality.

 Excellent Leather Cleaning and repairing 

Leather is a fragile and fascinating material that requires particular cleaners and conditioners. Carleather care and cleaning is a workmanship and must be finished with the required expertise and hardware. Car leather of the present cars is altogether different than the car leather utilized as a part of the autos of the past.  Getting proficient outcomes is the thing that we go for. We have the correct items and apparatuses. Above all we have the key procedures, to recover your car leather to what is resembled when you purchased the auto.

Main event fabric and inside repairs

We can offer solutions for a wide range of inside texture and upholstery repairs including rooftop lining, entryway boards, dashboards etc..


Proficient paint and mark repairs 

With over a time of involvement of repair a wide range of paintwork and body harm running from stone chips. We just utilize the best items in the market guaranteeing brilliant outcomes and fulfillment.

ZDEGREE offers the best and the top auto detailing service in Dubai. Our auto detailingprofessionals use special tools to clean your vehicle both inside and out. We Keep your car’s interior clean and provides longer interior life. Come, let’s enjoy our service.

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