Seven Reasons to Invest in your Car Maintenance Services to Increase its Life

Buying a car is easy, maintaining it is not. Keeping your car to factory-spec and ensuring it runs that way means it needs to be regularly maintained as per the manufacturers recommendations. Don’t wait to take your car in, as it will hurt your performance and resell value. If you follow service rituals religiously, then it is certain that your car’s performance will remain at an optimal level.

Car Service at zDegree

What is Car Servicing?

Car service is a process that contains a series of auto maintenance procedures after a certain time when the car travels a certain kilometers or hours. These services are usually at 5,000 km and 10,000 km hence, nowadays it could be longer. The car service is an assessment that includes routine maintenance from engine’s fluid level to general wear and tear of a car. It includes various activities comprised of parts adjustments, replacement of intricate parts, oil change, fuel efficiency, smoother running and component checks. At zDegree, you can find best car services in Dubai.

Myths about Car Service

  • Extra Expenses are Incurred

The famous myth about car service is that it doubles the expenses but reality is different. If you get the car service done as per manufacturer’s recommendation and once a week, open your bonnet and see if everything looks and sounds fine, then it is probable that one damaged part or even a minor fault will be diagnosed at early stage and save you from investing on other parts. All car parts work together in harmony and their functionality is interlinked, so if checked properly, one damaged auto part will not affect others.

  • Fuel Consumption is Same

There is another myth that consumption of fuel remains same if serviced or even if not services. It is also believed that consumption of fuel is dependent on the kilometers that we drive but that’s a partially wrong concept that misleads many people. There will be increased friction in disrepair car which will consume more fuel than normal. Whereas, a well-maintained car will be efficient in consuming less fuel.

Here are seven reasons to invest in car maintenance services

Benefits of Car Service
  1. Increases Road Safety

The regular assessment of parts and components ensure that your car is safe for driving. After getting an oil change, cabin filters and brakes checked, it also makes certain that your car drives smoothly. It also ensures safety on the road. For the love of your family, it should be your prime concern to get your car checked and serviced so that you can keep your family and friends safe. When the functionality of engine is smooth, there is no safety hazard on roads for anyone.

2. Car Resale value Increases

When the engine, parts, interior, color and appearance of a car are properly managed and serviced, they look new. The interior and exterior of car, and smooth drive are factors that determine market value of a car at the time of selling it again. At the time of resale, a car’s value is dependent on its exterior and appearance, good interior, and most importantly its engine condition, parts and drive.

3. Performance

In the aftermarkets, most important and prime concern of the buyers is to check performance of a car in terms of its condition and functionality. The overall car performance is usually checked on the basis of smooth driving, capacity, and interior and exterior of the car. The efficient car parts and brakes show that the performance of car is good.

4. Your Running Cost is reduced in Long-run

The more experienced you are, the more you value car maintenance because with time, you understand that timely diagnose and rectification of engine or its parts will save you from increased running costs. If you are delaying in servicing your car, then you are preparing for extra costs. The running cost of your vehicle is reduced with timely car service. It also saves your time, stress and finances in the long run.

5. Reliable and Convenient

The primary purpose of buying a car is to provide yourself a peaceful experience so that you can move around easily. But just imagine having a disrepair car that puts you in trouble in the middle of the road and that too when you have to rush somewhere? Certainly, it doesn’t sound good. A proper car service doesn’t only bring safety but it also brings reliability and stability to your car.

6. Lifespan of Car Increases

No matter how latest or luxurious your car is, an increased lifespan of car is what we all dream of. Car servicing is the key to the extendedness of your car. Even if your car is brand new, if not serviced properly, then your car’s lifespan will be reduced because of a build-up of numerous problem. Additionally, you should always look up to the experienced and trusted mechanics who do not compromise on the quality of parts or products used in car servicing. It’s like a cherry on top that goes a long way in terms of increasing the lifespan of your car.

7. Environment-Friendly

Being a responsible citizen, it is important to not only look at the road safety of car that comes from car servicing, but it is equally important to pay your part for the safety of environment. Yes, you can make the environment less polluted by paying your role. If you get a timely car service, then there is less friction in car’s engine, parts, and fuel pump emissions which will eventually bring a smooth driving experience and the quality of air will be improved and there would be less pollution.

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