Here’s how preventive maintenance can increase the lifespan of your brakes & keep you safe

Brakes are incredibly important and the only thing that stops your car or helps you maneuver to avoid something on the road. Brake failure is terrifying to even image and to avoid any catastrophic issues like brake failure, we strongly recommend taking care and doing preventive maintenance work on your vehicle.

Brakes are a crucial safety aspect and regular usage leads to wearing and tearing which is normal, and it’s important for you to have an idea of how much longer your brakes can give you the stopping power you need. Brake service is incredibly important and ensures you aren’t putting your life in any unnecessary danger.

In our experience of over a decade of maintenance services such as brake pad replacements in Dubai, we have noticed that car brakes and brake pads are one of the most ignored in terms of maintenance and awareness.

Here are 6 things that will increase your vehicle’s brake life and help you potentially expensive repair work on your brakes.

  • Keep an eye on your brake fluids

Consult your owner’s manual and locate your brake fluid reservoir. It should have a min. level marked on it, and ensure it doesn’t get lower than that. If it does, make sure you top it up with brake fluid recommended by your manufacturer.  

  • Inspect your brake lines 

Brake lines are responsible to transmit the brake fluids from the master cylinder to your vehicle’s individual brakes. Inspect the brake lines and scan for any possible leakage. If you aren’t sure on how to inspect this, visit one of our workshops in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain where one of our technicians will happily assist you.

  • Replacing your brake fluids 

Just topping up your brake fluid isn’t enough as it tends to get contaminated and deteriorate with age. It’s usually recommended to replace it every 2 years but check your owner’s manual as each car has different requirements. Brake fluid needs to be bled (drained) first, and then replaced with only OEM recommended brake fluid.

Visually inspect the brake pad 

Inspect your vehicle’s brake pad at regular intervals. Brake pads are the most used component in the brake system and they wear out with time. Minimum recommended thickness is usually 5mm and anything below that is unsafe.

  • Inspecting the rotors 

This is usually tricky to inspect as they tend to be wrapped but you should get them checked if you feel a pulsation every time you use the brake pedal.

  • Avoid braking abruptly.   

While getting a brake pad replacement isn’t expensive, you can easily increase their life span and reduce their wear by avoiding abrupt braking and driving within the speed limits. High speed braking applies more pressure and increases your wear.

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Lifespan or duration of your brake system depends completely on your driving habits. Do you do more highway driving (less usage of brakes) or drive in heavy traffic (braking at short distances)? The latter will definitely add more wear on your brake pads in Dubai.

In the end, brakes are what stop you and it’s imperative that proper care is taken of them.

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