7 reasons why car brake service is a must!

If you think getting your car’s oil changed every 3,000 miles and replacing tires when the tread is gone can get you preventative car maintenance covered, think again. Keeping your car in top-notch condition involves regular inspection of all your car’s vital parts. Small problems are often hidden until they are huge and expensive, so letting them slide is not an option. Brake service falls into this category. Here at ZDEGREE, we recommend a timely service, as apart from giving you a safe, and cost-effective car ownership, it also provides you a huge benefit.

Top 7 reasons your car needs brake service

  1. Damaged rotors disable your ability to brake when required 

Not only a fully worn brake pads can grind into rotors, but they also can crack them, hindering your car’s ability to stop when required. By the time you discover that the rotors are damaged, you will end up meeting an unexpected and severe accident. So, only brake pad replacement can help keep you avoid that.  

2. Low brake fluid reduces brake pressure 

You often tend to neglect things until you need them the most. The same thing happens with brake fluid. Apart from ensuring brake pads are in good condition, regular inspections are also required to check the level of your car’s fluid. That’s because if the fluid level is low, you won’t have the pressure to brake properly.  

3. Water build-up in brake fluid can lead to brake-failure 

In a moisture-laden environment, water that builds up in the brake fluid over time, not only leads to corrosion, and leaks, but also its hard use, can build up water that can cause it to severely fade or even fail. For this reason, we recommend you to have your car brakes properly inspected at least once a year  

4. Your safety is our priority 

We at ZDEGREE with our centers located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain through car brake services make sure to thoroughly check that essential components like braking system and suspension are working properly so that you can keep yourself and your family safe on the road. This does not only give you peace of mind that you are in a safe car but also its vital parts do not let you down if any worst things happen. Just because the car you are driving feels good to drive, doesn’t always mean the same in reality. Thus, this kind of service ensures that you do not settle into a false sense of security. 

5. Car brake services at ZDEGREE, will help you increase its longevity 

It is a well-known fact the better we treat our bodies, the healthier and longer will be our life. Similarly, brake servicing once in a year will improve and even increase the life span of your car. Most people nowadays are choosing a car that they can keep for longer term. Thus, this servicing is crucial because it will allow you to enjoy many happy years of trouble-free driving in the same car if you want to! 

6. Brake problems are cheaper to fix if caught earlier 

You will find that the cost of skipping such service later is far more than the cost it takes if it’s fixed earlier because of the poor maintenance of a few parts. If you are running on a tight budget, you are more likely to miss the servicing of a car. This can cost you over dollars for engine exchange at a later date. But you can always avoid this through timely service. 

7. To stop the grinding noise, get the brake service done at our corner 

Do you often hear a sort of grinding sound while applying brakes? Then don’t worry. As this only happens when debris gets accumulated or stuck in between brake calipers. We can easily fix this problem for you, without taking too much time and money. And if the same thing happens with drum brakes, be sure it is an indication of lack of lubricant. Either way, you can get car brake services done right away from ZDEGREE.  

If it’s been a while since you had a car brake inspection, bring it down to our store. Be it brake pad replacement, car detailing, getting your car thoroughly inspected, or buying new tyres, we specialize in all sorts of car maintenance as well as car repairs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and our skilled team of technicians makes sure to resolve all your problems at just an affordable rate and help you get a safe ride on the road. So, don’t just wait for a small problem to turn into something big and expensive. Give us a call today at 04 3105600 / 800 933 4733 and let us do the rest for you. 

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