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“Four Wheels Move the body Two wheels Move the Soul”

And for those two wheels to move your soul you need them in the right condition. Don’t you? This blog is dedicated to the bike lovers and anyone who owns a bike. We know bikers are so passionate about their bikes and they are always worried about the maintenance of their vehicle. They want the bike to run swift and smooth on the road just like floating on the cloud. And one of the key components for a smooth ride is the bike tyre.

It is often difficult to find the right set of bike tyres, and particularly when the market is flooded with number of brands selling the best products out. It does become difficult to understand the functions of the different bike tires and which one is the best for your vehicle. For example, long distance cruising bike has a distinct demand then the off-road riders.

When should you change your bike tyre?

Yes, we know this is important yet confusing question? We know bike riders who keep delaying the replace of their bike tyres or any important part of their vehicles, and wait till the last moment. And we advise rather we request you not to so. Ignoring the maintenance activity of your vehicle is ignoring your as well as others safety on the road.

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For understanding whether your bike tyres need a replacement check the depth of the tread, generally the tires come with the indicator that the tread depth has reached its minimum level. Also, the reduction of the tread dept to the minimum level will cause discomfort while riding, this is clear indication that your tire needs a replacement.

Other ways of understanding whether your bike tire needs to be changed are to check for ‘scarping’, slashings or punctures.  

Points of consideration before replacing your bike tyre

Motor bikes are always considered as dangerous vehicles than the cars. And it is true because a lot of deadly mis-happenings have been recorded while riding this single-track vehicle. While it is a lot dependent on the rider and their mindfulness, the other factor includes how well maintained the vehicle is. And as we have already mentioned the bike tires and its quality matters a lot to keep your balance on the road it is important that you know what to consider while replacing a bike tire.

bike tyres
  • The tyre types

It is important to understand that not every tyre will fit your vehicle. Thus, it will have specifications of the tyre which co-ordinates with it. For any vehicle, the parts are like a piece of puzzle and only the right piece will make it complete. So, while buying the car tire you need to check the details like the aspect ratio, size, load index, construction type, speed ratings etc. Thus, make sure all of these features match the replacement tire which you are planning to fit in your vehicle.

And well if you are not very frenzy about the technical details about the tyre, you might take the help of the experts.

  • The tread patterns or designs

We might sound repetitive but this is an important factor, not every bike tyre serves the same purpose. The tread patterns or the designs on the surface of the tyres are there for a reason, these tread patterns define the grip of the bike tyres. Though don’t mistake in thinking that the bigger the tread design the more grip it will have on the road. While picking the tread pattern keep in mind what is your riding style and what is the condition in which you mostly ride in.

These are the two most important consideration we would recommend while deciding which bike tire should you buy.

Our recommendation

There are factors like durability, design, safety, functionality etc., to understand which bike tire should you choose from. ZDEGREE in this regard would like to suggest Metzeler tires.  You can definitely go for other bike tyres, there are abundance of premium brands, but here is our review for Metzeler tyres and why we love them, and recommend to our customers.

Metzeler tyres guarantee performance and quality. They prioritize technological improvement and research. They are constantly working to improve the comfort of the riders and the performance level of the bike, by improving the technology involved in the manufacturing of these bike tyres.

Also, why we suggest Metzeler tyres over other bike tyres is predominantly safe. Their bike tyres are built with reliability which is a result of the most advanced technology implemented in the designing and production.

You can check the details of the Metzeler bike tires on our website and choose for yourself. We at ZDEGREE wants our customers to buy the best products. In fact, if you already know or need help in choosing the right tire for your vehicle, you can shop online and get your bike tire delivered to your location along with the fitting services. We deliver our products and services across the UAE and have our fitting centers in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Al Ain, and Sharjah. Do check which is your nearest fitting center. 

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