Avoid These Common Motorcycle Accidents With The Right Bike Tyres

Riding a motorcycle is a thrill of a lifetime. It is an acquired skill that grows as you keep riding. But, most of the thrill-seekers, in their beginning stages seem to be committing mistakes, that are not only hazardous to the rider and the motorcycle, sometimes it is just downright silly.

Bike tyres are more crucial to safety than car tyres, it is only the surface contact patch of the tyres that keep you connected to the ground while you rev at high speeds.

The best motorcycle tyres out there are engineered and designed for specific biking experiences. Speed racing to tourists, Tourers to drag bikes. Each of these riding experiences needs specially engineered bike tyres that enhance the ride quality and bring out the best of the motorcycle’s performances.

And it goes without saying, protective gear is imperative to riding a bike. Because, unlike a car, you have nothing holding you in safety when you just ride in fast into a corner, losing your control. So, accidents do happen, it is expected. But keeping them as just that, without having it turn fatal is the protective gearing your wear.

Helmets, gloves, riding gear, riding shoes, well-maintained bike with undamaged bike tyres are a MUST while you head out on your road cruises.

Having the perfect pair of bike tyres under you will ensure that you keep gliding across the endless roads without countering any untoward incidents! And the world knows that the best motorcycle tyres are METZELER TYRES.

Common Motorcycle Accidents a Good Pair of Bike Tyres can avoid.

1.    Entering a turn really fast

One of the most common mistakes after bike stalling, is that a new beginner rider rides in too fast into a turn. And without gauging the amount of turn needed – should it be open and large taking a wide turn, or should it be tight hugging the corners? The rider invariably loses his control on the steering and could end up in a mess.

Luckily, having the best motorcycle tyres to ride on like the Metzeler range of bike tyres, ensures the tyres hugs the road while turning, giving the ride angle and traction to swerve yourself to safety.

2.    Sliding off the road

Beginner motorcycle riders get hoodwinked by light gravel and loose stones that most often adorn the sides of the roads, and especially tend to be piled up in corners and turns. When riding at a high speed, riders need to anticipate the change in terrain and be able to cut the gears, and get the engine to brake to reduce speed rather than the brakes bringing the bike tyres speed down.

Sudden braking, especially of the rear tyre will seize the bike tyres losing traction over loose gravel. This leads to bike sliding and loses control, leading to an accident.

Having well engineered and designed treads in the bike tyres, will enable the rider to achieve as much traction as possible.

Metzeler tyres are patented tread compound processes that achieve higher traction,  precision handling and excellent lean angles.


Bikers and Motorcycle riders are passionate and quality driven people, who treat their bikes as an extension of themselves. And so it only makes sense that the bike tyres manufacturers also reflect the same sensibilities and enthusiasm.

Metzelers bike tyres manufacturers are BIKERS FIRST and then tyre manufacturers. They cater to the niche market filled with adventurers, racers, sporting riders and plain old bike enthusiasts with their wide range of best motorcycle tyres. These bike tyres res are opted by discerning customers for the performance they offer without compromising the safety and reliability factors.

An opulent city like Dubai, has its fair share of motorcycle enthusiasts who only want the best for their rides. And their only choice is METZELER BIKE TYRES

Some of their offering in the Racing, Enduro On-Off-Roading, Cruiser and Heavy touring bikes segments are;


Is engineered to deliver maximum performance both on the racetrack and while road racing. Metzeler RACETEC™ RR ‘s construction is maximized to endure variable conditions on the racing courses by its unique compound blend. The tread groove layout is designed in such a way to maximize the slick area and contact patch, minimize wear and disrupt the wear waves. The front and rear bike tyres are engineered individually to maximize their individual performance. Road races or average track races the bike tyres have to be highly durable, with high integrity and performance consistency. The RACETEC™ RR delivers on all these.


The Karoo 3 by Metzeler is your best companion on off-roading adventure rides. It truly lets you lose yourself through the wonders of nature and have an adventure with no limits. The Karoo 3 is as versatile as it gets when it comes to offroading with a fully loaded bike. It’s just you and solitude for miles to come. It features rally-raid off-road traction and high-speed stability with excellent adventure mileage even when fully loaded. An off road bike tyre is characterised by its ability to grip any terrain, the Metzeler Karoo 3 bike tyres has key features and specialised block design coupled with a stiff carcass that lends perfect stability at high speeds with a passenger and luggage.The longitudinal and transverse grooves are self-cleaning evacuate the mud and dirt quickly to grip better.


Metzeler’s most enduring motorcycle tyres for the long cruises along meandering roads up and down the country is the ME 888 MARATHON™ ULTRA. Engineered for mainly two things – long durability and excellent grip. Metzelers engineers have used all the technological advances at their disposal to achieve these two specifications, by enhancing the motorcycle tyre characteristics that deliver outstanding wear resistance and traction that holds the terrain even with wet conditions.ME 888 MARATHON™ ULTRA’s tread pattern has evolved from the ME 888 to ensure a high level of water evacuation whilst increase wear uniformity. Optimized silica in the compound formulation ensures chemical grip on wet surfaces.


We, at ZDegree, want to offer convenient buying options of Metzeler tyres for UAE’s riders so they could be assured of quality purchase and continued tire services. Head on over to myzdegree.com to choose the perfect pair of bike tyres for your ride.

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