How ZDEGREE is fighting Against The COVID 19 Virus Efficiently

The COVID 19 crisis has brought life to a standstill around the globe. Although the situation here, in the UAE, is not as troubled as other major countries in the world. The number of confirmed coronavirus has been increasing, even during the strict 24 hours curfew that began on April 4th. 

The coronavirus pandemic might have kept all the Emiratis behind doors. Still, the functioning of essential services and the level of accessibility provided has been top-notch. Everyone can procure daily essentials. Dubai and the rest of the UAE’s comfortable lifestyle of availing multiple services at the doorstep of their homes have been effectively and efficiently used during this trying period. 


ZDEGREE – Car Workshops in Dubai up and running during the COVID 19 crisis 

Even during the curfew, Car workshops in Dubai like ZDEGREE have been functioning. Albeit, with minimal staff and with extensive mobile tire garage services to cater to the auto repair needs of the people. 

Personal transport and fleet functioning have been vital during this time. From healthcare workers to law-enforcing officers, everybody is dependent on their cars to help them move around. Most people have been availing services from groceries to grooming inside their homes. But, all vehicles need to be maintained and repaired, so they can be ready to rev up again when life resumes to some level of normalcy. And ZDEGREE was there to offer our services, ensuring utmost safety to the customers as well as our technicians. has become the go-to address for all car-related troubles.  

At ZDEGREE, we made sure to abide by the regulations of the Government for car workshops in Dubai by ensuring safety during COVID 19 and undertook stringent safety measures, with zero-tolerance to anyone flouting the norms. 

Measures were taken by ZDEGREE to fight against the COVID 19 outbreak efficiently. 

  • Gloves, Masks & Sanitization made mandatory

In a 2-day sanitization drive, all our car workshops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain were wiped clean with a disinfectant. Besides this, all our technicians maintained physical distancing, wore gloves, masks before they began their day’s work, and continued frequent hand sanitization throughout the day. 

  • Online appointments to schedule car maintenance work to avoid queues. 

Social distancing has been proven as an effective measure to stop the spread of this virus. To maintain, we have initiated different time slots throughout the day, so people can schedule their appointment by calling us or booking a slot online through Talk to our service and maintenance advisors over the phone, discussing the issues of their vehicle, and can drop off their keys and the cars without meeting anyone face to face. Similarly, post auto repair work, the customers, are informed of a scheduled time for pick up. 

  • Ensuring that all the surfaces that are exposed to touch are wiped clean with disinfectant both pre-and-post-repair work 

We at ZDEGREE made sure that the technicians who have stuck by us during this challenging time are also taken care. We air out the car for a while, sufficient time for cleaning activities is taken before opening up the hood. Every touchable surface, including door handles, locks, steering wheels, front console, dashboard, cup holders, gear stick and pretty much all surfaces are wiped down clean with medical-grade disinfectant. Only after this, do our technician begin the actual repair work, with a mask, and glove clad hands. Yet again, when the car or vehicle is ready for delivery. A similar protocol is followed for the customer to pick up the cars. 

  • Not just groceries at doorsteps, get tires too! ZDEGREE’s contactless free tire delivery services  

The UAE heat is legendary on its own. Tire degradation due to weather is quite a common problem here. For all those customers who needed a change of tires, we were there ready to serve them in safety. Our mobile tire garages are equipped with automated tire mounting and dismounting equipment with digital wheel balance. We also use pneumatic air jacks to ensure your chassis remains undamaged. Add in the nitrogen filling station onboard the mobile garage; there are all the necessary services for tire replacement.  

Once you make the tire purchase online through – book your time slots, share the delivery place, and make your payments. You are set for no-contact services, with free delivery and installation. 

  • Great deals and discounts on online-purchase of tires, including free delivery and fitment. 

We are always working to make tire purchase decisions easy and attractive for our customers. We have rolled out many deals and discounts coupled with our free home delivery and installation services. Premium Pirelli tyres, Bridgestone, Michelin to Zeetex, Roadstone, and Nitto tires all are available for online purchase. 

At ZDEGREE, we have always strived to put our customer’s requirements first, and that has only heightened during this pandemic.  

The Government has relaxed the curfew on the April 24th, following the beginning of the auspicious month of Ramadan. We hope that the community comes together even through physical distancing and safety protocols, to celebrate and pray. 

We have special Ramadan Month promotions on tires and services. Do check out for more info. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Save lives. 

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