Terms and Conditions :

  • This warranty is applicable on Zeetex Batteries and Trane Batteries purchased from ZDEGREE from 22nd May 2020 to 31st Dec 2020
  • 100% Replacement on battery applicable only in 1st year of purchase from date of invoice
Type of Warranty Compensation
≤ 12 months of purchase 100% Replacement of the battery. T&C Apply*
>12 months to ≤ 15 months of purchase Customer must pay only 50% of the battery cost. T&C Apply*
  • At the time of replacement, the customer must return the warranty card which will be duly filled with all information at the time of purchase i.e. ZDEGREE Stamp, Vehicle Make, Vehicle Model, Date of installation, Size, Serial Number and QR Code.
  • Any abuse or tampering to warranty card will cause to cancellation of warranty
  • The company reserves the right to change or modify the terms & conditions of this warranty policy without having any obligation or notice.
  • Battery replacement is subject to availability, we will fit the next available brand
  • Warranty does not cover battery hold-downs not used properly or not torqued as per recommendations, leading to excessive battery vibration or battery damage due to over-torque
  • Warranty does not cover batteries that have been subjected to excessive out of vehicle charging
  • Warranty does not cover battery that have been physically damaged including a cracked, punctured, or deformed battery case or cover; broken or severely damaged battery terminals
  • Warranty does not cover batteries with damaged terminals due to improper fixing, inadequate or high resistance connections
  • Warranty does not cover batteries that have been operated in an application that it was not designed and/or marketed to support
  • Warranty does not cover discharged batteries that can be recharged and returned to service